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Antelope County Young Professionals Event

By Greg Ptacek - 8/25/2016

Current Board Vacancies

by Dana Klabenes - 01/18/20155

Rural Opportunities Fair is kind of a Big Deal

By Greg Ptacek - 9/23/2015

Downtown Revitalization Survey

By Greg Ptacek 3/5/2015

Random Question

By Greg Ptacek 2/17/2015

Neligh is part of Elite Four in Nebraska

By Greg Ptacek - 2/11/2015

$3,000 in Neligh Grant Opportunities

By Greg Ptacek – 1/26/2015

Comprehensive Digital Utility Billing

By Jennifer Pellatz - 01/05/15

Workforce Attraction Program: increasing Neligh's human capital

By Greg Ptacek – 12/29/2014

Seeking Applicants for Economic Development Board Position


Neligh's Current Housing Crunch: "what is it, why is it happening, and how do we fix it?"

By Greg Ptacek – 11/25/14 

Fall Clean Up Scheduled for this Weekend

By Dana Klabenes - 10/15/2014

Legacy Migration – Influx of Youth to Neligh: Part 4 of 4

By Greg Ptacek - 10/9/14

Legacy Migration – Influx of Youth to Neligh: Part 3 of 4

By Greg Ptacek - 10/8/14

Legacy Migration – Influx of Youth to Neligh: Part 2 of 4

By Greg Ptacek - 10/7/14

Legacy Migration – Influx of Youth to Neligh: Part 1 of 4

By Greg Ptacek - 10/6/14

Neligh under the Microscope

By Greg Ptacek - 9/24/14

Landing the “Big Fish” not an Indicator of Success

By Greg Ptacek - 9/7/14

2014 Community Wide Block Parties

By Greg Ptacek - 8/25/14

"This is MY Neligh" is a Huge Success!

By Greg Ptacek - 8/12/14

First LB 840 Project a Success!

By Greg Ptacek - 7/24/14

Swimming Lesson Information

By Alisha Carr - 6/6/2014

#Hail - don't forget to keep it local!

By Greg Ptacek -6/4/2014

Economic Development and Chamber QuickBook Class was a Smashing Success!

By Greg Ptacek - 5/27/14

Public Voting, Council Choose New Logo For City Of Neligh

By Greg Ptacek - 5/22/14

Broadband Infrastructure: why watching cat videos is your civic duty!

By Greg Ptacek - 3/17/2014

Small Towns = More Opportunities for Youth than Cities

By Greg Ptacek - 3/3/2014

City of Neligh Unveils New Way to Communicate with Residents: Text Message and Email Alerts

By Greg Ptacek - 2/17/2014

Blight, Synonomous with Progress

By Greg Ptacek - 2/12/2014

Envision Neligh: online townhall meetings

By Greg Ptacek - 1/22/14

Neligh Recieves NIFA Grant to Plan Its Future

By Greg Ptacek - 1/16/2014

Neligh, A Year in Review: 16 new businesses in 14 months

by Greg Ptacek - 1/13/2014

Neligh Economic Development Office Announces Grant

By Greg Ptacek - 01/07/2014

Great Start to 2014: three new businesses start in Neligh within days of the New Year

By Greg Ptacek - 1/2/2014

City of Neligh uses FEMA Funds for Much Needed Water Line Replacement

By Dana Klabenes - 12/31/2013

City of Neligh Gets an Early Christmas Present

By Jim McNally - 12/16/2013

Helmer’s Sells: Progress and Beautification Ensues

By Greg Ptacek - 12/04/2013 A Spruced Up Digital Front Door 

By Greg Ptacek - 11/29/2013