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Neighbor of the Month Award

Do you have a neighbor that would do anything for you?  Can you never say thank you enough?  “It takes a village.”  It’s one of the most fitting sayings for small town living.  Neligh is no exception to that rule.  Neighbors have a huge impact on the way your children develop.  Please take a moment to recognize that neighbor.  Once a month Neligh Economic Development will sort through the applicants and recognize the Neighbor of the Month.

How to Nominate

We are using the word "neighbor" loosely, it can be someone who is doing something in the community and you think they deserve credit or it can be someone who has helped you in a neighborly way.

Email: info@Neligh.org or by mail to 105 East 2nd Street.  Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Name of someone in Neligh you are recognizing
  • Reason you think they should be considered for the Neighbor of the Month Award
  • Nominee's contact information (if available)
  • Indicate if you would like to remain anonymous 

Nominations will be chosen by the Neligh Economic Development Board Monthly.  Winners will receive a small write up in the paper and $20 in Big Bucks.

Award Recipients

October 2013 - Love thy Neighbor

Love thy Neighbor was chosen for its community orientation and brining businesses together in a spirit of cooperation.

November 2013 - Dannette Hughes

Dannette was chosen for her willingness to help where ever necessary, she is always willing to pitch in and help a neighbor with random projects.

December 2013 - Clarence Banks

Clarence's nomination was filled with neighborly gestures ranging from gardening tips to a shoulder to lean on. His nominator said, "He epitomizes the word neighbor and encompasses every sense of the word. I cannot tell you how much this long time resident deserves this honor!"

January 2014 - Simon Beacom

Simon was nominated for his great attitude and willingness to help others. Simon's nominator said, "I've seen him go get a chair for an elderly gentleman that can't make it up the steps at basketball games. He even got a chair when it was an away game! I'm not even for sure he knows him! "

February 2014 - Alice Kallhoff

Alice Kallhoff was nominated for the Neligh Neighbor of the Month Award anonymously.  Her nominator said, “Sometimes I see Alice walking early in the morning.  I always thought it was strange that she had pop bottles in her hand.  One day I noticed what she was doing, on her walks Alice picks up trash out of other’s yards.  I have yet to see her without some piece of garbage in her hands.  I think Alice is very deserving of this award as she does this selflessly and is helping to make Neligh an amazing place to live!”

March 2014 - Chad and Tanya Schabram

Chad and Tanya Shabram recently opened her home to her neighbors when a fire had stricken their home.  Their anonymous nominator said, “They housed and comforted their neighbors during a time of crisis, I can’t think of a much more neighborly gesture than that!  It is acts of kindness from people like the Shabrams that make small town living a place where families support one another.”

April 2014 - Carolyn Waterbury

Carolyn Waterbury was nominated for the Neligh Neighbor of the Month Award anonymously.  Her nominator said, “I go to a lot of community events and at almost everyone I see Carolyn volunteering her time, especially at the Senior Center.  Carolyn truly embodies the volunteer spirit that keeps a community thriving and she is very deserving of this award!”

May 2014 - Pastor Fay Hubbard

Pastor Fay Hubbard of the United Methodist Church is May’s Neighbor of the Month. Under the leadership of Pastor Hubbard, the United Methodist church received a grant to bring in a mobile food pantry to help those less fortunate receive sustenance. Pastor Hubbard was nominated by Dennis Anderson for the, “Countless hours of work she put into the mobile food pantry. Pastor Hubbard traveled to several different towns to observe how their mobile food pantries were ran and worked very hard at getting Antelope County’s set up, she is very deserving of this award!” When informed of the award, Pastor Hubbard was quick to redirect praise to the church, school students, and all involved with this very worth-while endeavor!

June 2014 - George and Ruth Strassler

George and Ruth Strassler are June's Neighbor's of the Month.  George and Ruth were nominated for "all their hard work and leadership with of the Antelope County Museum's move to a new home.  George and Ruth have surpassed anything expected from a volunteer and have been working tirelessly at moving the Museum to a new location and are very deserving of this award!"

July 2014 - Todd Buck/NYMC

Todd Buck is July’s Neligh Neighbor of the Month.  Todd was nominated because of his involvement with the Neligh Young Men’s Club.  Todd has been the president of that organization for the last few years.  Todd’s nominator said, “Todd epitomizes the small town values we expect to find!  The Neligh Young Men’s Club, under his direction, put on such a spectacular event every year.  This year’s Old Mill Days was one of the best in recent memory!  My family and I always enjoy the festivities and think it is the best day of the year in Neligh.  Thanks Todd and the Young Men’s Club for all your hard work!”  Todd will receive $21 in Big Bucks and has pledged to use the money to cover Club expenses. 

August 2014 - Lyle & Jeanie Juracek

Lyle & Jeanie Juracek were nominated for the August Neighbor of the Month for their involvement with the set up and operation of the monthly Mobile Food Pantry.  The Mobile Pantry provides fresh produce and canned foods to those less fortunate.  "Lyle and Jeanie are a true blessing to our community.  It is heartwarming to know that those less fortunate have such a great opportunity to receive assistance.  The Mobile Pantry would have never happened without the leadership and dedication of the Juracek's.  God has truly blessed Neligh by populating it with such great individuals!"

September 2014 - Diann Arehart

Diann Arehart was nominated anonymously for her hard work as a volunteer with the Neligh baseball program.  “Diann has gone above and beyond what is expected of her as a volunteer for the Ball Boosters. She has spent countless hours to keep the program running smoothly.”

October 2014 - Dane & Jennifer Nielsen

Dane and Jennifer Nielsen were nominated because they opened up their home over the summer to two interns assisting the City of Neligh.  "Dane & Jennifer freely opened their homes to complete strangers for the betterment of Neligh.  It is amazing to see such a high level of commitment to community.  I loved seeing everything the interns did over the summer and this wouldn't have been possible without Dane & Jennifer."

November 2014 - There was no nomination for the month of November

December 2014 -  Bruce & Cindy Hild

Bruce & Cindy Hild recently purchased the Imperial building and are planning to re-open the restaurant.  The nominator of the Hilds had this to say, "I think that they should be recognized for buying the Imperial and bringing a steakhouse back to our community.  When I asked Bruce why he wanted to own a steakhouse, he said 'Because it's good for the community!'  This is a move that in today's economy took some guts and we need to recognize them and say thanks for taking on this endeavor."